Oh no, the weather didn’t get the memo for your Queenstown/Wanaka wedding! It’s your special day, and the weather decides to be, well, a little crappy. But don’t worry, we’ve got some advice that will help you navigate this unexpected twist.

what to do if it rains on your Queenstown Wedding day

First things first, it’s totally okay to be disappointed. You had envisioned marrying your love amidst the stunning mountains and breathtaking views, but waking up to torrential rain or howling winds can definitely throw a curveball. Take a moment to vent your frustrations and get it out of your system. It’s normal to feel bummed, but remember to bounce back quickly.

Now, let’s focus on what we can control. When it comes to the weather, we can’t change it no matter how well we plan our big day. Embracing this reality will help you shift your mindset and make the most of your wedding day. Trust me, when you let go of what you can’t change, you open yourself up to having an amazing day overall.

Flexibility is key. If you’re having an elopement or a small wedding, there might be a chance to adjust the timing to catch a break in the bad weather. This is where having a wedding planner or coordinator truly comes in handy. They can coordinate with your vendors and make sure everyone is on board with the revised plan. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts beforehand to be as prepared as possible.

If you have a good celebrant or wedding planner by your side, chances are they’ve already thought about a solid plan B for your Queenstown/Wanaka wedding day. Remember, plan B is there as a backup option. While it might not have been your first choice, it’s important to embrace it and put it into action as soon as you need to. Dwelling on plan A won’t help, so focus on executing plan B and making it just as special.

Now, here’s a silver lining for you: rainy days can make for some seriously awesome wedding photos! Moody skies, raindrops, and if you’re lucky, even rainbows can add a unique and magical touch to your pictures. Take a quick detour to Google or Pinterest for some inspiration, and you’ll see that rainy wedding photos can be absolutely stunning.

Lastly, no matter the weather, remember to enjoy yourself! It’s your big day, and you’ll only get one shot at it. Embrace the moment, be present with your partner, and savor every second. The weather may not be on your side, but your love and joy are what truly matter.

So, there you have it! Rain or shine, you’ve got this. Embrace the unexpected, focus on the positives, and create beautiful memories on your wedding day. Enjoy every minute of your Queenstown/Wanaka wedding, and cheers to your happily ever after! 🌧️💖💍