Coconut & Mango Margarita

Cocktail of the month October 2020

 Now, we’re not saying we called ourselves Shaken & Stirred Weddings just so that we had excuse for these kind of blog posts, but it’s definitely a welcome bonus! With Kellie’s bottomless bounty of booze and Charlotte’s “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” mantra, we really are a match made in heaven… just like you and your hubby or wife to-be! 

When we’re not busy planning and coordinate your Queenstown wedding day, we’re friends behind the scenes and love to relax with a well-deserved drink. In fact, Shaken & Stirred Weddings began on one of our “walk and wine” dates where we would walk our dogs to an alcohol serving destination, have a wine (or two, hence the walking), and then walk back.

But enough about us, here’s the cocktail of the month you’ve been waiting for… 

Why we LOVE this cocktail

When the borders are closed and there’s no chance of jetting off to a tropical island for some sun and sand, why not bring a tropical taste to your at-home cocktail?!

Tequila is a real Shaken & Stirred Weddings favourite as it pairs perfectly with one of our favourite snacks – tacos! But this yummy creation from Kellie stands gloriously on it’s own, especially as a dessert cocktail. 

We loved the coconut and mango combo but you could try pineapple instead of the mango too!


What you’ll need:


  • Coconut tequila
  • Cointreau
  • Frozen mango
  • Mango/Coconut frozen yogurt (or sorbet)
  • Ice
  • Limes/Lime juice
  • Desiccated coconut & fresh mango to garnish


  • A blender


  • 2 drinks & 2 very happy wedding planners!

1. Start with the frozen ingredients…

Add 1/2 cup frozen mango to a large blender. Frozen fruit will create a lovely creamy texture when blended. Then add two scoops of mango or coconut frozen yogurt… or a scoop of each. You can also use sorbet if you don’t have any frozen yogurt. Add 1 cup of ice to the blender too.


2. Now for the good stuff…

Three shots of coconut tequila and one shot of Cointreau will do the trick! 


3. Blend it baby…

Add 1/4 cup fresh lime juice and blitz all the ingredients on high until smooth and creamy.

4. Prep your glasses and pour…

Traditionally margaritas come in a glass with a salted rim, but we used desiccated coconut instead!



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